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Privacy Policy

Deep Wave Rentals does not collect or use customer information in any way other then to provide better services and occasionally send promotions and event notices to its customers. We hold all data and information on a secure server database, however you agree to hold harmless Deep Wave Rentals and its affiliates of legal responsibilities and risk related to any form submissions on this website.

Consent to Electronic Communcation

You the user are consenting to communication by means of electronic methods including but not limited to; phone, mobile phone, email, sms (text-message), social media advertisements, google advertisements and other means of communication with the purpose or intent to provide you with benefits and other Deep Wave membership information. We provide methods of becoming unscribed from our system, for more information please contact our webmaster at admin@deepwaverentals.com

Deposit Payment

A $60 deposit is required to book a rental reservation with Deep Wave Rentals, this deposit is collected to cover transportation costs on the day of the rental. This amount is subtracted from the total cost of the rental and is to be paid within 1 week of this booking.

Commit to Pay

The total remaining rental cost will be paid either before or on the day of the actual rental. This amount can be paid by cash, credit card or by debit. Any discounts and coupons will be subtracted from the total price. By submitting this reservation form you agree to be held responsible for this payment as set out in this agreement.

Customer Cancellations

Customers are reserved the right to cancel a booked rental upto 2 weeks and or 48 hours in prior to the rental date. Reasons for cancelation can vary and should be explained in full by the rental client. Deep Wave Rentals will issue a refund if a deposit payment has been made (please see section Refunds).

Same Day Cancellations

In the event of a same day cancellations the rental client will forfeit their rental deposit payment in full. Negotiable based

No Shows and Missed Rentals

Rental clients who fail to show up for a scheduled booking ('no show') forfeit their rental deposit payment in full. If a rental deposit has not been paid the client is subject to a rental deposit charge of $60.

Refunds on Rental Deposits

All refunds for paid rental deposits are subject to a 20% administration fee based on the before tax total. This fee is non negotiable and will be issued in the same or alternative method of payment to ensure client has received the refund and confirmation is made.

PayPal Money Processing

Customer agrees to the use of PayPal.com to process cash transactions over the internet and Deep Wave Rentals inherits any rights reserved under the Seller Protection Policy and contained within all legal agreements published by PayPal.com, of which Deep Wave Rentals is held harmless of any legal responsibilities concerning the transaction requests made from the customer during the time of a rental agreement and any time thereafter for which a deposit is made.

Right to Refuse

Deep Wave Rentals reserves the right to refuse a rental at any time before, during or after a rental request has been made or upon delivery of equipment to the customer. If a refusal to rent is made against a customer before the reservation, Deep Wave Rentals will be responsible for refunding any money collected from that customer, however if a refusal to rent is made at the time of the reservation, Deep Wave Rentals will refund any monies collected minus a $25 transportation fee. Reasons for refusal can range from: suspected drinking or drug use, invalid age or weight requirements, no valid ID or License. In cases with bad weather, poor water conditions or equipment failure, reservations will be rescheduled to a later date.

Valid Personal Information

Customer agrees to the submission of valid personal information across the internet to be processed and sent via email to a respondent of Deep Wave Rentals with the intention of setting a date of reservation for rental services. This information is not encrypted but uses a dedicated php form processing script with several security features enabled and setup to prevent fraudulent hacking of data, however customer assumes all risk involved with this form submission and holds harmless Deep Wave Rentals and affiliates.

Pre Rental Contact

Deep Wave Rentals will attempt to contact each customer 1-2 weeks prior to the reservation either by phone or email. This is to ensure the customer is aware of the date, the details and to confirm other important information regarding the rental such as; location, weather, time, and final payment. A short health condition questionnaire will be issued, this is to understand if any physical conditions should limit the operation of our PWC or other marine equipment. In the event that we can not contact the customer due to an invalid phone number or email address, Deep Wave Rentals will attempt contact 2-3 more times within 2-5 days of each attempt. If after this time no contact has been made between either from the customer or from Deep Wave Rentals, we will assume the reservation was missed and no refund will be issued.

Missing A Reservation

In the event that a customer misses a reservation with Deep Wave Rentals and has made no attempt to contact us about any changes to be made prior to the rental, a deposit refund will not be issued and the customer accepts this as part of this reservation submission.

Re-Booking A Reservation

A reservation can be re-booked up to 1 week prior to the rental date. If a reservation is already setup on the new rental date then another date must be selected. Deep Wave Rentals reserves the right to accept or refuse a reservation at its own discretion.

Holiday and Special Events

If you are booking a rental on a holiday or special event, an additional 25% is added to the total price.

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